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Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday Five: Beliefs

This week's friday five is "Tell us five things that you believe."

1. I believe that chocolate is one of the best treatments for PMS.
2. I believe sheer tenacity and steadfastness is more effective than any particular strategy for getting the job done.
3. I believe that George W. Bush lost the 2000 election...and that would make him not likely to have ever been there in the first place...and certainly not now.
4. I believe that war, murder, and oppression are wrong and should be eliminated, including the oppression of women that are then forced to make decisions about abortion that might have been totally eliminated if it weren't for the lack of education, availability of birth control, rapist, or patriarchal assumptions that put them in such positions.
5. I believe in miracles. (In spite of the problems associated with 3 and 4.)


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